We always appreciate when people really understand the importance of documenting their day and trust us to do so. When we saw how excited Joloni and Jenny were about photography, we knew we would be a great match. Although, Joloni’s eager anticipation led to a literal nightmare just days before their wedding as he dreamed about all their photos being lost. But we encourage our couples to rest assured because we keep A LOT of backups, so there’s no need to fear!

Joloni and Jenny have known each other since 7th grade and even went to school together, but it never dawned on them that they should be together until they reconnected a few years ago on good ol' Facebook. On one of his visits back home to Denver, Joloni and Jenny decided to catch up and have been inseparable ever since. Joloni soon moved back from LA and later proposed to Jenny on a trip to Cancun with friends.

Their afternoon ceremony at Wedgewood Ken Caryl was serene, with sunlight shining through the aspen trees as they exchanged their vows and performed a unity ceremony with their children. But nothing compared to the look on Joloni’s face as he watched Jenny walk down the aisle. After their ceremony we snuck away with Joloni and Jenny for portraits while the sun set behind the foothills.

As their reception wound down after a night of heartfelt speeches and killer dance moves, we went outside with the newlyweds for one last portrait under the patio lights before packing up. Afterward, as we were zipping our bags and about to head out, we noticed Joloni and Jenny walk out onto the floor for a final dance. Hand-in-hand, they belted the lyrics together and danced like they were the only ones left in the reception hall. Of course, we had to pick our cameras back up to capture this moment between them, a beautiful way to cap off the night.

Congratulations Joloni & Jenny!