evergreen lake house

Anna and Justin met in San Francisco when Justin tagged along with a mutual friend to her birthday party. But their timing wasn’t quite right and Justin spent the next year traveling through Africa and Thailand after his time in the Coast Guard. It wasn't until a few years afterward when they reunited during a group ski trip to Lake Tahoe that they began dating. He later proposed at the peak of "Green Mountain" in Colorado and ever since then, they have been planning for this day.

They began their day at Highland Haven Creekside Inn with their bridal party. It was raining intermittently and their wedding was supposed to take place on the patio at Evergreen Lake House. As for June in Colorado? You might as well shrug off any type of summer weather expectation because it's anyone's guess! The rain turned to heavy hail as everyone arrived at the venue. They were showered with all sorts of good luck on their wedding day, not only by the storm that greeted them at lake house but by their family, friends and their fun-loving bridal party who were there to celebrate them, rain or shine! Although the ultimate decision was to have the ceremony take place inside the lodge, the weather did eventually taper off and left behind still fog on the lake; a beautiful scene for some portraits!

These two had one of the most lively bridal parties we've worked with this year. From the groomsmen flailing around axes and cuddling under umbrellas together to the bridesmaids stellar poses in response to prompts yelled out by our intern; this was a close-knit group, full of energy to celebrate the newlyweds. It’s difficult to put some of these moments into words, so you’ll just have to scroll through to see exactly what we’re talking about.