This day had been a long time coming for Kelsie and Nick, although they may not have always known it. They met in middle school and even dated briefly in 8th grade before going their separate ways. But it wasn't long before they reunited as high school sweethearts and from there they stuck by each other's side through college. Life can take twists and turns but it seems like these two were bound to find their way back to one another, as fate would have it.

During their last year of school in Colorado Springs, Nick had some unexpected evening plans for the two of them and Kelsie began to pick up on clues that something big was about to happen. She even confided in her pup on her way out the door that she thought Nick might propose that night. As it turns out, she was right. In front of the lake at the Broadmoor Hotel, Nick asked Kelsie to marry him and surprised her with family and friends who were there to celebrate their engagement!

When Kelsie contacted me looking for a wedding photographer, I was impressed at the undertaking of planning a June wedding in such a short amount of time. But on her wedding day, I saw exactly the kind of support she had to pull off this incredible day. From parents, grandparents, cousins, bridal party and friends, Kelsie and Nick had help with handmade floral arrangements, cake, food, hair, make-up, decorations, videography and even had family friends DJ their reception!  There was truly a village working behind the scenes to pull together all the elements and it really gave a personal touch to their day.

After they exchanged their vows at the base of the San Juan mountain range, we took them on a quick portrait adventure along the outskirts of Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch, which had some stunning views of the Dallas Divide. It's truly a place so beautiful that no camera can really do the scene justice, but we gave it our best shot! Congratulations to you both - it was definitely a day we won't soon forget!