When Tara and Eric approached us about the idea of shooting their engagement session in a ghost town, we were excited about the possibilities! Ideas of St. Elmo and other eerie Colorado ghost towns floated in conversation before we ultimately settled on the small town of Winfield, nestled in Clear Creek Canyon, which still features several remnants of mining glory from the 1800's.

En route to Winfield, we drove up a bumpy dirt road and came to an abrupt halt as we pulled up to a field of deep snow and demolished trees that had swept across the road and blocked our way forward. An avalanche had tumbled through just weeks prior.

Stepping out of our car, we could barely believe our eyes. Huge tree stumps were snapped in half; branches and leaves were scattered on top of snow that had barreled down one side of the canyon and up the other. Hundreds of flattened trees lay in waves all around us. It was an incredible sight. In awe, we trekked through the aftermath onward to Winfield.

We were only a few frames into their session when thunder cracked, the sky opened up and a downpour of cold rain and snow began. We took shelter under one of the abandoned buildings before heading to the old schoolhouse for more portraits, squeezing in as many photos as we could between the surges of rain. This was turning out to be more than we had bargained for, but it was a good thing we had umbrellas because the rain wasn’t going to give up easily!

After exploring the town, we headed back to our cars to warm up before Tara and Eric decided they wanted a few final portraits in the avalanche debris. The clouds parted and we finally got a glimpse of light before dusk set in, wrapping up just as the sky turned a deep blue. As we said our goodbyes, we all agreed that that was quite the experience for an engagement session!

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for their wedding this August!