It's not every day that we get to shoot a family member's wedding, but when we do, it's special. My cousin Jenna and I go way back, all the way to the daycare days when we thought selling lemonade out of our makeshift stand would make us the big bucks. Turns out that doesn't work on the side of a not-so-well-traveled road in a small Vermont town. 

Life after college took us on different paths and Jenna moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where she met a charming young fella named Dan. These two soon realized they had more connections than they had expected, from shared friends to the fact that Dan attended middle school where Jenna now teaches. After over a year of dating, Dan asked Jenna to come along to a ‘work dinner’ but instead surprised her with a proposal and a weekend full of celebration with family and friends.

Although I had only met Dan a couple times, it didn't take me long to notice how well he fit in with our family. His personality, character and charm can light up any room, but more importantly, he makes Jenna the happiest I’ve ever seen her.

On the day of their wedding, we arrived at the venue and thunderstorms had already started rolling through Mt. Pleasant. No one was quite sure if the rain would hold out for their ceremony. As the day went on, we saw a glimmer of the sun and the rain tapered off just in time for their first look, which was full of emotion. Dan had tears streaming down his cheeks in anticipation of seeing his bride, but his expression when he laid eyes on her really said it all. Afterward, he turned to me and asked if he looked bad crying, and I reassured him that he looked like a man in love. With the weather aside, they exchanged vows in front of their families and friends who traveled from all across the country to celebrate with them, helping to make the day everything they dreamed it would be.