We met up with Jill and Jeremy for their Denver engagement photos at Blackmer Lake in June. While Jill and Jeremy were in search of a great scenic spot for their engagement session, they immediately thought of Blackmer Lake, situated in the middle of a scenic park overlooking Denver and right off the Highline Canal Trail.

When we arrived, it didn’t take us long to see why these two loved this place. Nestled in between Cherry Hills and Greenwood Village, this little gem is surrounded by bustling suburbs, but you’d never know it while you were there. It feels like you’ve stepped outside Denver and into the countryside. All is silent except the rustling of tall grass and cottonwood trees from the breeze along the water.

Blackmer Lake is a beautiful oasis in Denver, Colorado that offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the summer time, the lake is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, seeking to soak up the sun and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The lake is surrounded by greenery and rolling hills, providing a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and picnicking. Luckily for us, we had Blackmer Lake to ourselves, enjoying the tranquil setting and stunning natural beauty of the area.

One of the biggest challenges of summer engagement sessions is dealing with the heat. It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather, choosing light, breathable fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable. You may also want to bring along extra water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized throughout the session. The warm, golden light of the summer sun can create a stunning backdrop for your photos, and the relaxed, carefree atmosphere of the season can help to bring out the best in you and your partner. With a little planning and preparation, your summer engagement session can be a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

 It’s amazing to see how a playful or adventurous approach to the session can bring out the best in the couple, and create natural and genuine interactions. A fun engagement session can result in images that are full of life and personality.

Jill and Jeremy’s Denver engagement session was no exception. These two were out to have some fun and we loved the playful energy these two brought to the session. They danced, they climbed a larger-than-life tree stump and Jill survived a tickle fight. We explored around the lake and they were always up for trying new poses and ideas. They particularly loved photo prompts because it gave them a chance to forget about the camera and just be in the moment with each other. They found that the prompts allowed them to be more relaxed and natural, and they loved the resulting photos because they felt like they truly captured who they were as a couple.

Photo prompts are essentially suggestions or directions given by the photographer to guide the couple in their poses or actions. Prompts are important for creating connection and intimacy because they encourage the couple to focus on each other rather than the camera. By giving them a specific task or emotion to focus on, the prompts can help to break down any barriers or self-consciousness and allow the couple to show their true selves.

As the sun began to set, casting warm golden light across the landscape, they held hands and raced each other through a field of tall windswept grass, which was a great way to cap their Denver engagement session. It was wonderful to get to know these two better before their Steamboat wedding this fall. Enjoy some of our favorites from their session!