We have always been enamored by the beauty of this little town and were thrilled to join Madi & John for their long awaited Fall Steamboat Springs wedding at Aurum in September. Madi’s parents own a home in Clark, so she is no stranger to this beautiful part of our state – in fact, it made it that much more meaningful to marry the love of her life in a place that holds so many special memories to her and her family. 

These two met while working at a camp in Northern Minnesota. Madi was the camp nurse and John was a camp counselor. He would take kids on overnight trips and would need to get the medications for his trip at the health center where Madi worked. Seven years later, they reconnected on social media and before long, they were dating. John realized how important Madi’s friends are to her, so he decided to  incorporate them into the proposal.

John coordinated a dinner “setup” with her friends, of which he was not supposed to attend. The plan was that he would show up unexpectedly to surprise her. After catching her off guard, he had a whole speech to deliver and she finally pieced it all together and excitedly said yes. Afterwards, more of Madi’s friends came out from the basement to surprise her and they all enjoyed dinner together.  

At her family’s home in Clark, Madi and her bridesmaids were pampered on the upper deck with stunning views of mountains in the distance. One of Madi’s best friends wasn’t able to make it to the wedding due to complications with her pregnancy, so Madi called her up on FaceTime throughout the day to fill her in, delighted to show her dress and flowers. Her sweet niece Rita Marie danced around the deck, excited to have her make-up done as well, and even helped Madi into her gown. She surprised her father with an emotional first look on the balcony before they took off on the shuttle towards the church. 

These two decided to save the big reveal for the ceremony; it was an emotional moment as she walked down the aisle towards the altar. The celebration took place at the gorgeous Holy Name Catholic Church nestled in downtown Steamboat. Colorful light filled the room as the sun shined through the stained glass windows while these two officially tied the knot.

Following the ceremony, we headed to Creekside Trailhead for portraits with the wedding party before joining the rest of the guests at Aurum for the reception. Luckily, we made it to the Yampa River just in time for a few blue hour portraits with Madi and John as the sunset subsided. 

Family and friends gave emotional speeches that lit up the audience, striking people with lots of laughter but also some tears. There was a little sprinkle of rain as a storm passed by, but nothing that could put a damper on this party. An energetic night of dancing awaited and we would be remiss if we neglected to mention our astonishment when John and his groomsmen pulled down their pants as the song “Piano Man” came on, reliving a college tradition and making for one of the most surprising highlights of the evening. Apparently, when “Piano Man” comes on, the pants come off! Let’s just say Madi & John’s wedding was one for the books.

Congrats to you two!