Documentary-style Wedding Photography

As a husband & wife photography team, we document your shared wedding experience with your favorite people in a way that reflects the true spirit of your day so you can fully embrace the moments of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Your wedding day is going to be incredibleYour photos should be, too.

We artistically document your story and all of the emotional, hilarious and heartwarming moments to serve as a timeless reminder of your incredible wedding celebration. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

Can you believe you’re about the marry the love of your life?!

Get excited, this is a really big deal and we couldn’t be happier for you! When all the dust settles, you will have experienced the most wonderful day of celebration surrounded by those who love you most. The energy and the moments that will make up your day are something you just can’t plan for, so make sure you soak it all in while you live this day up!

Of course you want all of your most memorable moments documented, right? Moments like wiping away tears as you speak heart-to-heart with your partner during your vows and catching your nephew with his finger in the cake before you had a chance to cut it. And let’s not forget about grandma doing a split on the dance floor and wowing everyone (yes, we’ve seen it all).

And we can tell you, it’s all worth remembering.

We know you’re putting so much effort into planning your incredible celebration and before you know it, it will be time to actually live it.

We believe a photographer is thee most important vendor you’ll hire and yes, we’ll be the first to admit that we are, in fact, just a little bit biased. Your wedding photos are what you’ll hold onto for all the years to come, so it makes sense that this decision is a big one. After all, you’re not looking for just any photographer, right?!


You don’t want mediocre photography

After browsing the portfolios of countless photographers, all the photos are starting to look the same. You’re looking for images that evoke emotion and fit your vision for the day you’ve been dreaming about. You want images that are just as one-of-a-kind as your wedding will be.


You’re just not that into details

You value moments with your people above all else. What truly matters are the people you care about and the experiences you’re about to share together (which makes you our kind of people). You know just how rare it is to have all your favorite people gathered in one place at the same time, and you need to make sure your precious moments are captured to perfection.


You haven’t found the right fit

Selecting someone to photograph your wedding is deeply personal; you can’t simply choose anyone. It’s crucial to you that you find a photographer you can trust with the intimate moments of your day. You’re looking for someone who can blend effortlessly with your friends and family, someone whose artistic vision you can trust. 

And that’s why we are so excited to tell you about what we do, and maybe more importantly, why.


We work with incredible couples who give us a glimpse into their lives, who trust us with some of their most intimate moments, so we can capture the beauty and emotion of their story.

We really believe in the importance of the moments you’re about to share with the ones who love you most. Which is why we’re so passionate about capturing the spirit of your day so that you can forever remember what your day felt like and everything these memories mean to the two of you.  

We can’t wait to create timeless work that reflects the essence of your experience and all ways your day is uniquely yours.

Just imagine...

Together, we combine our artistic vision with our photojournalistic approach so you can have photos that authentically reflect your celebration of a lifetime. Because if we’re being real, you deserve to fully immerse yourself in a day that is truly about the two of you. There’s just no other way to experience it.

You can trust us with your moments

With over 20 years of combined experience in the photography industry and 80+ weddings photographed, you can count on us. We’ll be there to capture colorful, candid, creative moments that convey the emotion of your day and we are committed to the quality of our work.

We bring our all to your wedding day

We are invested in your day and come prepared for every scenario, from bringing backup equipment to scouting your venue for the best photo spots. Our goal is to be ready for anything your day brings. 

Your experience is everything

We want you to feel cared for and supported. We are dedicated to guiding you through the process and sharing our expertise to make things easy on you so you can focus on what matters most.  

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Our wedding photos are honestly some of my most prized possessions. We get compliments on them all the time. They’re amazing at capturing the emotion, beauty, candidness and everything in between. I truly can’t say enough good things about these freaking photos. Like, WOW. We have had three sessions with them and each one has given us such a treasure-trove of images.”


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Documentary wedding photographers

Looking for colorful, candid and creative wedding photography? We’ve got you!

As documentary-style Colorado wedding photographers, we are committed to capturing the story of your day using a true-to-life approach that stands the test of time.

We believe the magic of your wedding deserves to be documented with creativity and an eye for the unexpected.  

Every couple has a unique love story and it’s humbling to capture the fleeting moments of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

We’ll help ensure your photos are absolutely out of this world, because you deserve nothing less!

Autumn & Griffin

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You have questions, we have answers

Looking for more details? Check out our pricing page for additional information on our services. Our FAQ page covers everything from what it’s like to work with us to our style and details about services and delivery.


As photojournalistic Colorado wedding photographers, we are committed to capturing the story of your day in a colorful and creative style that stands the test of time. 

We believe the magic of your wedding day deserves to be documented with creativity, in a way that captures the energy and emotion of your fleeting moments so you can remember exactly what your day felt like, through all of the moments both big and small.

We’ll ensure your photos are absolutely out of this world, because you deserve nothing less.


Autumn & Griffin