When Dan reached out to us looking for proposal photography to capture his Summit County proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Tamiris, at Clinton Gulch, we couldn’t have been more excited to document this big moment in their lives. These two were visiting Colorado from New York for the holidays and enjoyed a long stay over the course of several weeks, soaking up some relaxation and play time in the mountains while working remotely. Dan thought it would be a great time to pop the big question while surrounded by Colorado’s stunning winter landscape, and we couldn’t have agreed more. 

He decided it would be best to tell Tamiris that he had planned for some portraits of the two of them, which would help take some of the pressure off. We met at Clinton Gulch on a beautiful mid-December day and the weather was just perfect. It had recently snowed so the mountains were dusted in white, but the temperatures were warm and the wind kept at bay.

Clinton Gulch was a secluded spot and it was the perfect place for a romantic proposal. Dan knew that Tamiris would love the beauty and solitude of the location. As they reached the spot that Dan had chosen, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, asking Tamiris to spend the rest of her life with him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Tamiris said yes, and the couple embraced in a loving hug.

Since the lake had frozen over, we walked out onto the ice to get a better perspective of the mountains in the background and that’s when Dan knelt down on his knee to ask Tamiris to marry him. She was genuinely surprised and we caught so many wonderful moments of these two as they shared champagne and excitedly committed to the next chapter together. 

The ring that Dan had chosen was a stunning masterpiece, featuring a sparkling diamond set in a delicate white gold band. It was the perfect symbol of their love and commitment to each other, and Tamiris couldn’t stop staring at it with tears of joy in her eyes.

After Dan proposed to Tamiris at Clinton Gulch in Summit County, Colorado, the couple was ecstatic and overjoyed. They couldn’t believe that they were finally engaged and were eager to celebrate their love in every way possible. As they looked around at the beautiful snowcapped mountains in the backdrop, they knew that they wanted to capture this special moment in time with a portrait session. The snowcapped mountains provided the perfect backdrop for the photos, with their majestic peaks and beautiful snow-covered trees. 

After the proposal, we explored around Clinton Gulch taking portraits of these two as the sun cast the last bit of golden light on the mountains. We couldn’t be happier for these two!

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