We were excited to capture Zsanine and Erik’s long awaited Estes Park wedding at YMCA of the Rockies this past August. It took us a bit to navigate through this expansive campus to track down the location of their cabins, and not surprisingly as it is a whopping 860 acres with over 250 cabins. Between the two YMCA of the Rockies centers, Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch, it is the largest YMCA camp and conference operation in the world!

Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, Estes Park is a picturesque setting for a wedding, with its rugged peaks, forests, and lakes providing an enchanting backdrop for the most special of days. For Zsanine & Erik, the mountains of Estes Park were the perfect place to say their vows.

At their respective cabins, Zsanine and Erik were soaking up views of Rocky Mountain National Park while preparing for the day with their friends and family. It was a hazy day, which would otherwise appear clear if it wasn’t for the residual smoke from the wildfires on the west coast. The guys enjoyed beers outside on the deck while Zsanine spent some quality time with her nieces, helping them with their make-up. Nerves and excitement fill the air as the bride and groom prepare for their special day surrounded by loved ones.

Zsanine and Erik shared a first look just outside her cabin before we took off to the ceremony site for portraits. The haze softened the harsh sun while we took photos of the newlyweds near the Overlook Chapel. The sight from the overlook was just incredible! Panoramic views of the Rocky Mountain National Park spanned for as far as the eye could see, it was a spectacular sight and we could tell why they chose to tie the knot here. 

As the ceremony began, the couple exchanged heartfelt promises, surrounded by their family and friends, with the stunning natural beauty of the setting serving as a stunning backdrop. Zsanine and Erik’s wedding ceremony in the Colorado mountains was breathtakingly beautiful. The couple had always dreamed of getting married in the mountains, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Colorado landscape, and their dream became a reality on this summer day.

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed a reception filled with delicious food, drinks, and music. The natural beauty of the setting continued to shine throughout the day, with guests taking in the stunning scenery and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

After an emotional ceremony in the hot August heat, everyone reconvened back at the Pavilion for the dinner and toasts. The wedding reception was a vibrant and joyous celebration, with the couple and their guests dancing, laughing, and having the time of their lives. The atmosphere was electric, with music filling the air and the sound of laughter echoing throughout the room.

The newlyweds kicked off the festivities with a romantic first dance, surrounded by their loved ones, before the dance floor opened up to everyone. The guests were eager to join in, and soon the dance floor was packed with people of all ages, showing off their best moves and having a blast. Throughout the night, the couple and their guests enjoyed delicious food, refreshing drinks, and lively music, with the party continuing well into the night. There were heartfelt speeches and toasts, hilarious moments, and plenty of good cheer.

It was a celebration of love, connection, and the joy of life, a reminder that weddings are about more than just the ceremony, but also the joyous celebration that follows.

Congrats Zsanine & Erik!