Tiffany and Jordan traveled all the way from Ohio for their intimate Keystone elopement in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and it was indeed worth the trek out west. These two attended the same high school together but didn’t become close until after graduating when they shared the same group of friends. As their relationship evolved from friends to best friends, it didn’t take Jordan long to realize that he wanted to marry her. 

He decided there was no better time to propose than on Halloween, as it is Tiffany’s favorite holiday. It just so happened that this Halloween, the two of them decided to dress up as male characters from That 70’s Show which is why Tiffany had an afro, mustache, chest hair – the works! When he knelt down to ask her to marry him, she said yes, but then followed up with, “Jordan, I’m a guy!” and he said, “You’re my dude, man!” 

Tiffany and Jordan rented a private home in the mountains for their celebration. In the morning, Tiffany helped her mom decorate the wedding cake in the kitchen before getting into her gown. Back in Ohio, Tiffany works as a hairstylist, so she did her own hair and make-up that morning. “She’s a bride that does it all,” her mom described her, admiringly. 

Their ceremony went off without a hitch in the backyard of the VRBO. It was just as intimate as these two envisioned it would be, and it was officiated by Tiffany’s best friend, which made it all the more personal to these two. During their ceremony, it didn’t take long before the officiant’s words struck a chord with Tiffany while Jordan wiped away the tears on her face. The heartfelt moment was felt by all those attending.

After they officially tied the knot, they popped a bottle of bubbly and we took off for Loveland Pass. Tiffany and Jordan were excited to explore the beautiful wilderness that surrounds Pass Lake and the scenery surely did not disappoint. This mountain pass is situated at an elevation of 11,990 feet above sea level and is known for its scenic beauty and is a popular destination for tourists, hikers, and skiers. In the winter, the pass is a prime location for backcountry skiing and snowboarding, while in the summer, it offers opportunities for hiking and rock climbing.

The weather was absolutely perfect for pictures – not too windy or cold. I lent Tiffany a pair of sandals so she could better navigate the rocky terrain instead of hiking in heels. With careful steps, she gracefully moved through the rough terrain, making sure to avoid any potential hazards. It takes balance, coordination, and confidence to navigate the rocks in sandals, but she nailed it!

We were there for nearly an hour, hiking boulders, walking through fields of blooming wildflowers and even running through patches of snow! Lucky for us, wildflowers were in bloom and they added a beautiful and natural element to their portraits, creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere that made for some special photos. I don’t think any of us could get enough of this gorgeous scenery, but we did have to get back to the house where their guests were awaiting dinner. 

When we returned to the VRBO for dinner, Tiffany and Jordan enjoyed pizza catered by the famed Basic Kneads Pizza Food Truck, and it was a hit among their guests. After dinner, they shared their first dance on the front porch of the home during blue hour, and it was certainly dreamy! 

Congratulations guys! Enjoy some of our favorite images from their celebration!