We left behind a scorching hot Fort Collins for a breezy, tempered sunny day at Bear Lake to join Bailey & Julian for their Rocky Mountain National Park engagement session. It’s funny how the weather can vary so greatly between the Front Range and the mountains with just a little gain in elevation. We love a good reason to swing up to this beautiful, yet popular, park and are even more excited when we can bring our cameras along. 

We immediately clicked with these two and had lots to talk about considering Bailey’s cousin is also a client of ours and we would be seeing them again at the end of the month for Emmaly and Isaiah’s wedding at Wild Basin Lodge. 

We began the session in the dense wooded forests by the lake. Stepping just off the beaten path, it was so quiet you’d barely notice that we were at one of Rocky Mountain National Park’s most traveled trailheads. Bailey and Julian were almost immediately comfortable in front of the camera and started candidly dancing with each other only minutes in. We loved the energy these two brought to their session, there was never a dull moment around them! 

There were lots of stunning spots for photos along the water’s edge and we were grateful that Bailey and Julian weren’t afraid to climb on some rocks or get their feet wet for the sake of pictures! However, Griffin and I were not quite as graceful as we hobbled around on boulders trying to nail our lighting and composition. At one point, Griffin almost took a fall while holding our heavy angler lightbox but surprisingly spun around and landed on his feet which impressed Julian, a long time shot-putter.

Bailey was even eager to get in the water and Julian held her hand as she waded in, waist deep. I, of course, trailed in after her, my jeans soaked up to my thighs. As long as the cameras didn’t get wet, I was all in! It was refreshing, albeit a little cold, but so worth it! We joined them for dinner in Estes Park afterward for a fun evening in town and couldn’t have been in better company for this trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. We can’t wait for their wedding next June at Crooked Willow Farms!

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