A couple weeks before Christmas we met Madi and John up Flagstaff Mountain at Lost Gulch Overlook for their winter boulder engagement photos. It had snowed recently and the foothills were laced in white. It’s hard to beat the view of mountains covered in fresh powder and for that reason, it’s our favorite time of year to visit. 

Lost Gulch Overlook is one of our favorite locations to shoot in Colorado’s front range, and it’s easy to see why. With stunning panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, it’s a popular spot for hiking, picnics, and photography, and it’s especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset. Lost Gulch Overlook is conveniently located just a short drive from the city of Boulder, Colorado, making it a convenient and accessible destination for those who live in or are visiting the area. It’s easily accessible and makes for a great day trip or weekend adventure for locals and tourists alike.

The day of the shoot was cold and grey, with a light snowfall dusting the ground. With the snowfall that day, the landscape was even more magical and romantic. Despite the cold weather, Madi and John were excited and ready to brave the elements for their photos. Throughout the shoot, Madi and John were so comfortable with each other, which made for some really authentic and candid moments. They were open to trying new poses and locations, and their adventurous spirit made the session so much fun.

Regardless of chilly temperatures, Lost Gulch is one of the most popular and well traveled overlooks in the area and this frigid December day was no different. Miraculously we were able to sneak in some time by ourselves at the lookout before the usual crowds trickled in – a rare treat! We started the session by exploring the lookout, taking advantage of the stunning views of the mountains in the distance. The snow-covered peaks and frosty air create a serene and romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for capturing portraits.

Turns out there’s a little more intimacy in an engagement session than most might expect but we’re grateful to work with such fun couples like Madi and John who humor us when we ask them to cozy up  – and even dance! – in unconventional settings. Madi and John were troopers despite the cold during the session. They were open to trying new poses and locations, and their adventurous spirit made for some unique and memorable photos. Photo prompts help us to capture intimate and authentic moments during an engagement session. By providing prompts that encourage interaction and connection, we can create images that really convey the couple’s personalities and emotions.

The overlook is already difficult enough to navigate given the rocky terrain, but even more so when it’s glazed in ice. Clinging to the boulders, I almost fell into a split but quickly caught myself, albeit not very gracefully. You could get lost gazing at the stunning scenery of rolling white foothills and snow capped mountains, but then you’d easily lose your footing!

Madi and John didn’t miss a beat and were more than happy to be spending this time in each other’s company, embracing whatever prompt we threw their way. I don’t think we could have gotten more laughs out of these two if we had tried or have been in better company while braving these wintery conditions!

We wrapped up the second half of the session exploring the trails in the densely forested evergreens before heading back to the car as dusk set in. As dusk set in, we wrapped up the session with some final shots of the couple silhouetted against Colorado’s mountain backdrop.

We can’t wait for their Steamboat Springs wedding this September!